The new generation of smart
electric scooter

Smart. Sleek. Fun. The new Super SOCO CU-X
integrated many intelligent and high efficiency
designs to give you the most enjoyable
riding experience. Super SOCO CU-X Ride for Fun!

Choose your colour of CU-X to ride

Eyes of Wisdom - Intelligent lightsensing head light

Symmertrical U shape design integrated the head light and indicators. Hidden top LED head light. Built with hot runner process. Dust-proof and water-proof. Matrix type layout of light beads carving the style of light.

  • 75 meters
    Light beam distance

  • 29000cd
    High beam brightness

  • 75 meters
    Light beam distance

* 1cd equal to 1 candle approximately

Flying Wings - Inline flying wing type tail-lights

Inline LED light beads. All-in-one light system incorporated position, turning indicators and braking lights. The design is unique and stand out from other tail-light designs.

VA (Vertical Alignment) Intelligent Display

VA (Vertical Alignment) multi-functional display. Self-adjust brightness with light sensing capability. 150 degree wide-angle that provide clear visibility on display. Efficient self-inspect functions that enable worry-free riding.

New Generation of Battery Pack Solution

Larger capacity and safer. Honeycomb structure design with geometric mechanics. Safer distance between battery cells. New thermal technology. Better battery cells performance.

Excellent Performance High efficiency kinetic BOSCH motor

Customised develop for city transportation. Stronger magnetic steel with unique wiring. Carry FOC vector controller 3.0. Improve the energy efficiency and range.

FOC High Efficient Vector Controller 3.0 - More precise control

High-precision control algorithm. New torque linear output of power that enable better transformation of power and provide more precise control.

Better Control and Safer Frame made by carbon structural steel

Higher intensity and lighter weight. Less vibration and more comfortable. CU-X frame passed 500,000 times vibration test and has amazing durability.

Multi-Functional Case User friendly design

Smart segregated storage space for battery and personal stuff. Exclusive slot for charger connector that can prevent unnecessary damage on power cable.

ECU, Generation 3, Intelligent Brain - Precise positioning and stable communication

Self-developed BMOS V3.0 intelligent communication system that allow bikers and bikes connected on Clouds. Stable data transmission. OTA function – remote upgrade. Quick GPS positioning.

Front / Rear Disc Brake + EBS Assisted Braking System - Excellent safety and flexibility

Quick response, shorter braking distance required. Automatic recycle power, which will assist to extend riding range.

  • 1.8m

    Dry braking

  • 2.5m

    Wet braking distance

The above data are tested by rider with weight 70kg riding at 20kmh. Braking distance could be different with different rider at different road conditions.

Intelligent BMS (battery management system) – High efficiency and energy saving

Multi-protections for battery. Synchronizes the battery information automatically and allows you to plan for your trip reasonably

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